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BZY series automatic surface tensiometer sample

Author : MesuLab Date : 9/20/2022 7:31:57 PM
BZY automatic surface tensiometer is composed of high-precision, high-stability force value measuring system, microcomputer control system, platinum plate method (platinum ring method) measuring device. The instrument has compact design, simple and reliable structure, automatic measurement of type A, and peak hold function of type B, which requires conversion to obtain the surface tension value, which is easy to operate and maintain. The sample stage can be raised and lowered manually, and the tare weight can be tareed in the full range (one-key reset), and the full range can be automatically calibrated; the instrument has good repeatability, and the test results are accurate and reliable. The test data is displayed in LCD, which can be output through the RS232C interface.

The instrument is cost-effective and very suitable for various occasions where the test requirements are not too high, such as enterprise product development, quality inspection and school use.

MesuLab has completely independent intellectual property rights for all kinds of instruments it produces to ensure safe and long-term use by users. The instrument has a one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, and low fees.

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