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Digital Viscometer Sample

Author : Date : 10/16/2018 6:42:07 PM
The ME-NDJ-S Series digital viscometer uses a 16-bit microcomputer processor as the core of the step-by-step high-resolution drive, digital liquid crystal with blue backlight function of the digital viscometer.

The digital viscometer has a smooth and accurate speed, clear button design, program design, easy operation, alarm function, and the screen directly displays viscosity, speed, percent torque, rotor number and maximum viscosity that can be measured at the current speed of the selected rotor. value.

The main control board and subdivision driver board of the viscometer adopt patch technology, and the circuit design adopts the most advanced microcomputer processor at present, and the structure layout is reasonable and compact. The full scale of the instrument and the linearity of each gear are all metered and corrected through the PC interface, and its metering performance and function reach the advanced level of the same type in China.

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