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Digital viscometer is an intelligent liquid viscosity measuring instrument

Author : Date : 11/20/2018 7:19:57 AM
The digital viscometer is driven by the motor to rotate at a constant speed. When the rotor rotates in the liquid, the liquid will generate a viscosity moment acting on the rotor, and the viscous moment will also be larger; conversely, the smaller the viscosity of the liquid, the smaller the viscous moment. The viscous moment acting on the rotor is The sensor detects it and obtains the viscosity of the measured liquid after computer processing.

The digital viscometer is an intelligent liquid viscosity measuring instrument that automatically calculates the viscosity of the liquid under computer control and outputs the result from the display. This instrument uses MCS-51 series microcomputer to control the speed of stepper motor and the whole measurement process. This not only allows the instrument to be continuously adjustable in speed, but also improves its accuracy. Therefore, the instrument has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, high measurement accuracy and good anti-interference performance. The viscous resistance and absolute viscosity of the liquid can be measured. It is widely used to determine the viscosity of various fluids such as grease paints, foods, drug adhesives and cosmetics. ME-NDJ Series Rotary Viscometer, this instrument is used to measure the viscosity of liquids such as petroleum, grease, paint, ink, paste, paint, food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. The instrument is accurate, fast, intuitive and simple, and has been selected by customers in various industries.

Digital Viscometer Features:

1, continuous sensing and display data results

2, 54 speed, optional speed can meet different measurement range

3, optional RTD temperature probe to monitor sample temperature in real time

4, built-in automatic time measurement function (set the time to reach the specified torque, stop measuring time)

5. A warning will occur when the instrument is below or beyond the measuring range.

6, USB port connected to personal computer to achieve program control and data acquisition

7, optional software to achieve sample test curve and historical data comparison analysis

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