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Fluids for Different Viscometer Models

Author : MesuLab Date : 9/21/2022 8:46:35 PM
 To choose different types of viscometers (LV/RV/HA/HB), you need to know the viscosity range of the sample, the following list can provide reference:


1.LV series, suitable for low viscosity fluid

①Solvent-based adhesives, latex

② Biochemical preparations, oils, petroleum

③ Chemical reagents, paints, coatings

④ Cosmetics and medicines

⑥ Hot paraffin, high polymer solution

⑦ Ink, rubber solution

⑧ Juice, solvent


2.RV series is generally suitable for medium viscosity fluids:

①Hot melt adhesive, paint

②Asphalt (SHRP)/Paper coating

③Ceramic mud, pulp

④ Cream objects, plastisol

⑤Daily chemicals, starch

⑥Food products, surface coatings

⑦Resin, gum, toothpaste

⑧ Screen printing ink, brightener

⑨Organic solvent


3.HA/HB series are generally suitable for high viscosity fluids

①Asphalt, paste

② caulking compound

③ Peanut Butter

④Chocolate, putty, stucco

⑤Epoxy resin, roof material

⑥Gel, sealant

⑦Ink, sheet molding compound, ballpoint pen ink, lithographic ink

⑧ Molasses, tar

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