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Halogen moisture meter replaces traditional moisture measurement method, and the effect is remarkable

Author : Date : 3/12/2019 6:08:28 PM
In the history of instrumentation, humans are constantly exploring traditional hand instruments to modern scientific instruments. The method of measuring the moisture of the object is also constantly improving. It seems that there is no moisture meter in the early stage. The initial moisture measurement is based on the drying method and then according to the formula of the weight loss method: [water content = [the mass of the object before weight loss - the mass of the object after weight loss] / the mass of the object before weight loss]] the water content is calculated manually. The water content calculated by this method is very inaccurate and the measurement results are susceptible to various factors, resulting in unstable measurement data.

Under the impetus of industrial technology innovation, with the emergence of automatic control theory and the maturity of automatic control technology, the digital moisture analyzer based on A/D (digital/analog conversion) has developed rapidly. With the rapid development of computer, communication, software, new materials and new technologies and mature artificial intelligence and online measurement, it is possible to make moisture measurement instruments intelligent, digital and automated. Halogen moisture meters have been widely used in recent years and have been widely used in various industries. Traditional moisture measuring instruments and moisture measuring methods with large measurement errors are slowly being eliminated.

Halogen moisture meter can be widely used in all industries that need to quickly measure moisture, such as medicine, grain, feed, seeds, rapeseed, dehydrated vegetables, tobacco, chemical, tea, food, meat and textile, agriculture, forestry, paper, rubber, plastic In the laboratory and production process in the textile and other industries, the requirements for the determination of the moisture content of solids, granules, powders and colloids are met.

In the use of the halogen moisture meter, we need to pay attention to the results of the halogen moisture meter titration can be input and output according to a certain required format, and the halogen moisture analyzer can automatically carry out relevant statistics and analysis to make our halogen The moisture meter can get relevant data in time. The fast halogen moisture analyzer should not only know its technical characteristics when it is used, but also many things need to be paid attention to, so the titration speed is fast and accurate when used.

Halogen moisture meter should try to avoid direct sunlight, vibration, etc., and there should be no temperature disturbance and power fluctuation. There should be enough space around the instrument to dissipate heat, so as to avoid the accumulation of heat source and the measurement inaccuracy. Keep the distance between the instrument and the substance being tested. During the process of use, it should be noted that the vents of the instrument cannot cover and stuff other items. This is very dangerous. When starting heating, it is not possible to put flammable items around the instrument to avoid injury to the operator. . In addition, the weight of the measured material sample should be as small as possible to help test the accuracy of the results.

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