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MesuLab NDJ Series Digital Viscometer

Author : Date : 11/11/2018 7:49:23 AM
The ME-NDJ series digital viscometer is driven by the motor to rotate at a constant speed. When the rotor rotates in the liquid, the liquid will generate a viscosity moment acting on the rotor, and the viscous moment will also be larger; conversely, the smaller the viscosity of the liquid, the smaller the viscous moment. The viscous moment acting on the rotor is The sensor detects it and obtains the viscosity of the measured liquid after computer processing.

The ME-NDJ series digital viscometer uses microcomputer technology to easily set the range (rotor number and speed), digitally process the data detected by the sensor, and clearly display the rotor set at the time of measurement on the display. Number, speed, viscosity value of the liquid to be measured and its full scale percentage value.

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