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One of the most used precision instruments in digital viscometer development and product quality control test analysis

Author : Date : 12/6/2018 8:46:44 PM
The MesuLab digital viscometer is suitable for determining the absolute viscosity and rheological properties of various liquids and semi-fluids. Compared with similar instruments, the instrument has high measurement sensitivity, good anti-interference performance, wide working voltage (110V-220V, 50HZ-60HZ), reliable test results, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, etc. An instrument for measuring the absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquids and the apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquids. It is widely used to measure the viscosity of various liquids such as oils, paints, plastics, foods, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, etc., in petrochemicals, medicine, food, light. It has been widely used in scientific research such as engineering and textiles. It is one of the precision instruments used in the development of new products and product quality control tests.

The digital viscometer uses a 16-bit microcomputer processor as the core of the stepper motor with high subdivision drive, and a digital liquid crystal with a blue backlight for the digital viscometer. The speed is stable and accurate, the buttons are clearly marked, the program design is simple, the operation is simple, the alarm function, the screen directly displays the viscosity, the speed, the percentage torque, the rotor number and the large viscosity value of the selected rotor at the current speed. The digital viscometer main control board and subdivision driver board all adopt patch technology. The circuit design adopts the current advanced micro-computer processor, and the structure layout is reasonable and compact. The full scale of the instrument and the linearity of each gear are all metered and corrected through the PC interface, and its metering performance and function reach the advanced level of the same type in foreign countries.

Digital Viscometer Instrument Features:

1. Rotate at a steady speed with a synchronous motor, link the scale disc, and then rotate the rotor through the balance spring and the rotating shaft.

2. The gear system and the clutch are used for shifting. The special rotary knob is used to operate in four speeds, which can be selected according to the measurement requirements.

3. There are four kinds of rotors from 1 to 4, which can be preset with 4 speeds. According to the viscosity of the liquid to be tested, the speed can be selected to meet different test requirements.

4. With pointer fixed control device (pointer lever), it is easy to read accurate data when the speed is fast.

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