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Problems to be avoided in the operation of the viscometer.

Author : Date : 12/13/2018 2:03:51 AM
The viscometer has the characteristics of high measurement sensitivity, reliable test results, convenient operation and beautiful appearance, and is a precision instrument for measuring the viscosity of Newtonian liquid and the apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquid. It can be widely used in the measurement of viscosity of various fluids such as grease, paint, plastic, medicine, food, paint, detergent. The viscometer is driven by the motor to rotate at a constant speed. When the rotor rotates in the liquid, the liquid produces a viscosity moment that acts on the rotor. The greater the viscosity of the liquid, the greater the viscous moment; conversely, the smaller the viscosity of the liquid, the smaller the viscous moment. The viscous moment acting on the rotor is detected by the sensor and processed by a computer to obtain the viscosity of the liquid to be measured.

Viscometers are highly reliable and controllable. But in order to avoid some potential problems, some operational points are still worth remembering:

(A) The adaptability of the viscometer to the external environment is extremely small. In order for the instrument to perform well, it must eliminate all unnecessary friction that may affect the sensitivity of the instrument; it must have good cleaning habits; care must be taken to avoid dust, smoke, liquids and other forms of contamination entering the viscometer. If the instrument must be operated in a contaminated environment, we recommend using an extended viscometer rotor or cleaning appliance to reduce contaminants from entering the system.

(B) Do not install a rotor with an existing fluid attached to the instrument.

(C) Do not expose the domestic rotary viscometer to an environment of 75 °C. When it is necessary to measure the viscosity of the sample at elevated temperatures, it is recommended to use an extended rotor or an attached heating accessory.

(D) Avoid inserting the rotor joint from the side or below, because the connecting screw can protect the center and bearing of the rotor, and such a rough action can damage or make the connecting screw insensitive. When contacting or removing the rotor, the viscometer always remembers to slightly lift the rotor connecting screw, do not knock the rotor into the sample slot and do not pull the rotor or rotor joint directly.

(E) Do not drop the instrument or shake the instrument vigorously. The base of the viscometer provides convenient and strong support. If you must bring it to another place to use the viscometer, be sure to store the viscometer in a box when not in use or transported.

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