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Visible Spectrophotometer

Author : Date : 10/5/2017 9:39:23 AM
Visible Spectrophotometer (also known as visible light meter, spectrophotometer) is the visible light Spectrophotometric method is the latest single-chip technology in Shanghai, developed to be able to carry out quantitative measurement (standard curve measurement, the concentration of substances can be directly read); OD value direct measurement (absorbance, transmittance and energy, etc.); Kinetic test (measuring the change of the OD value of the matter concentration with time); spectral scanning (a whole-band scanning of a substance to analyze the characteristic wavelength of a substance, To determine the error of the experimental process; multi-wavelength test (can be tested for multiple wavelengths at the same time, analyze the related properties of the substance); There are dna/protein tests, total phosphorus total nitrogen test, heavy metal testing, pesticide residue testing, food safety testing, thermal power generation metal ion testing, etc., widely used in food, medicine, electricity, biological research, teaching and research, chemical and chemical industry, quality supervision, water quality and environmental protection and commodity inspection, and other major areas. v-1500pc type visible spectrophotometer, wavelength range: 320nm-1100nm, can meet the testing of different substances.

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