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Automatic Atomic Absorption Photometer

Automatic Atomic Absorption Photometer

Automatic Atomic Absorption Photometer Automatic Atomic Absorption Photometer Automatic Atomic Absorption Photometer Automatic Atomic Absorption Photometer
Product name : Automatic Atomic Absorption Photometer
Item : ME-AA1800 Series
Details :


ME-AA1800 series Atomic Absorption Photometer is an expert in the use of the latest international technology and domestic famous universities jointly complete R & D, R & D and application experience with decades of spectroscopic instrument. Itinclude the flame and graphite furnace and hydride generation system, which can be equipped with various accessories, flexible configuration program can meet different levels of customer demand. It can be used for analysis of complex samples full automatic multi functional.  



1. Various analysis methods can automatically switch, unmanned automatic analysis.

2. Soft, hardware were designed innovation to ensure the accuracy, safety, ease of use in the analysis of samples, equipment maintenance,simple and convenient.

3. Widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical, steel, health and epidemic prevention, metal 

smelting industry, geology and mining geology, chemical,water quality monitoring, food and drink milk, environmental monitoring, quality inspection, drug, agriculture, toys, 

electronics, disease control, metallurgy, chemical industry, and forestry, etc.









Flame system

Graphite furnace System

Flame & Graphite furnace

Position for element lamp

3 position

6 positions

6 positions

6 positions



Wavelength range


Spectral bandwidth

0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0nm (automatic adjustable)

Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength repeatability


Baseline stability

≤±0.002A/30 minutes( static) ; ≤±0.005A/30 minutes.(dynamic)

Light source

3/6  lamps automatic turret, automatic alignment


double cathode power built-in high performance lamps

Relative humidity


Environment temperature


Power requirement

220V (5%~-10%), 50/60 Hz; 5000VA


Flame Atomizer

1. Characteristic concentration (Cu) : 0.015μg/mL/1%.

2. Detection limits(Cu):0.002μg/mL

3. Precision: RSD≤0.5%

4. Combustion head: metal titanium combustion head

5. Atomizer: efficient glass atomizer

6. Atomizing chamber: explosion proof corrosion resistant material spray chamber

7. Control system: automatic PC control six light brick, automatic alignment, automatic optimization and automatic ignition

8. Safety protection: with automatic safety protection function, anti tempering automatic gas path protection, acetylene gas leakage alarm, automatic shutdown system, abnormal automatic power-off

9. Background correction: deuterium background correction: correction of the 1A background


Data Processing 

1. Measurement methods: flame method, hydride method

2. Concentration calculation method: standard curve method (1 ~ 3 times curve),automatic matching, the standard addition method

3. Repetition survey frequency: 1-99 times, calculating the average value, standard deviation and relative standard deviations are given

4. Results print:  parameters print, data and graphics print, you can also export WORD, EXCEL document

5. Simple and convenient operation, lamp position rotating, automatic  ignition through software operating

6. Communication interface: computer and USB interface communication


Graphite Furnace Atomizer

1. Features (Cd): 0.5 x 10-12g.

2. Detection limits of (Cd): 0.4 x 10-12g.

3. Precision: RSD = 3%.

4. Heating method: vertical heating.

5. Safety protection: water flow, water temperature, air pressure, the graphite tubebad contact, flow and power alarm protection.

6. Conversion mode: flame / graphite furnace automatic switch machine, electronic mobile platform software control, without the need to manually remove.

7. Heating temperature control mode: room temperature -3000 degrees Celsius,automatic temperature control up to 20 order, the furnace enriched up to 20 times, 4 kinds of heating mode, longitudinal optically monitoring the graphite tube wall temperature.


Background Correction

1. Flame: deuterium lamp + self absorption background correction: correction of the 1A background.

2. Graphite furnace: deuterium lamp + self absorption background correction: correction of the 1A background.


Data Processing

1. Measurement methods: flame method, graphite furnace method, hydride method.

2. Concentration calculation method: standard curve method (1 ~ 3 times curve),automatic matching, the standard addition method.

3. Repetition survey frequency: 1-99 times, calculating the average value, standard deviation and relative standard deviations are given.

4. Print print print print the results of parameters, data, graphics, you can export Word, Excel document.

5. Simple and convenient operation, and can be operated through software, to realize the automatic

 conversion of flame atomizer and a graphite furnace atomizer.

6. Communication interface: computer and host USB interface communication.


Auto Sampler (Optional)

1. With 70 sample cups (2mL), 6 cups for liquid reserves, blank and matrix modifier, cleaning bottle 500mL, waste liquid bottle.

2. According to the need can be arbitrarily specified sample cup and the reagent cup position, random arrangement, program setting, can automatic analysis.

3. Automatic calibration curve: automatically from a single standard solution configuration from at least 3 different concentrations of standard sample, directly into the graphite tube.

4. Needle minimum sample volume of 1 L 0.1 L incremental selection, selection, sample selection (max. 100 L when 10 L-100 selection selection analysis of L precision is

better than 1%).

5. Auto long-term memory into the position of sample needle selection,accuracy of 50 m.

6. Graphite tube hole coordinate adjusting range > + 5mm.

7. Automatic depth adjustment: the sample feeding needle depth changes with the sample liquid automatic adjustment.

8. Automatic standard addition method, the standard sample of up to 20.

9. Cleaning method: internal and external wall while cleaning, cleaning time and frequency adjustable.

10. Solution was injected after the automatic start of graphite furnace heating procedure.


Hydride Generator (Optional)

1. The sensitivity of (As): 0.15ng/mL/1%

2. Precision RSD 3%

3. Atomizer: T type electrothermal quartz absorption tube (corundum jacket, ensure safety)

4. Automation: only a start button, press gently tocomplete sampling, occurrence,

determination, cleaning of the whole process, can communicate with host on-lineautomatic reading (host must have this function).

5. Can be applied to various readings: applicable to a variety of readings, peak height, peak area of reading reading, continuous reading.


Detection Method and Determination of Trace Elements 

1.  Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry:

Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry (air acetylene) determination of elements can be detected PPM level. Sodium (Na), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), 

chromium (Cr), manganese(Mn), iron (Fe), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), platinum (Pt), 

gold (Au), copper (Cu), silver (Ag),zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), bismuth (Bi), etc..

2.  Atomic absorption hydride method:

Atomic absorption hydride method can be of low melting point elements trace Detection (PPb). Determination of arsenic, selenium (As): (Se), antimony (Sb), bismuth (Bi),  lead(Pb), 

tin (Sn),  tellurium (Te), germanium (Ge), mercury (Hg) etc..

3. Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry:

Detection by graphite furnace atomic absorption, less sample volume, high sensitivity(PPb).

Silver (Ag), aluminum (Al), arsenic (As), gold (Au), barium (Ba), beryllium (Be), bismuth(Bi), calcium (Ca), cadmium (Cd), 
cerium (Ce), cobalt (Co), CS (Cs), copper (Cu)dysprosium, erbium (Dy), (Er), EU (Eu), iron (Fe), gallium (Ga), holmium (Ho),
 indium(In), potassium (K), La (La), Li (Li), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), molybdenum(Mo), sodium (Na), nickel (Ni), 
platinum (Pt), osmium (Os), lead (Pb), palladium (Pd), PR(Pr), HF (Hf), rubidium (Rb), rhodium, ruthenium (Ph) (Ru),
 antimony (Sb), scandium(Sc), selenium (Se),Samarium (Sm), tin (Sn), zirconium (Zr), tellurium (Te), titanium (Ti), 
vanadium (V), zinc(Zn), silicon (SI) etc..


Standard Accessories

Main machine * 1pc

Acceptance report* 1pc

USB line * 1pc

Air compressor * 1pc

Hollow cathode lamp *3pcs

Dust cover* 1pc

Packing list* 1pc

Atomizer* 2pcs

PC Software * 1pc

Warranty card* 1pc

Spare part case* 1pc

Acetylene hose clip *3pcs

Test certificate* 1pc

3A, 1.5A fuse* 2pcs

3-core powerline * 1pc

Inspection certificate* 1pc

Screwdriver (Dual purpose)  *1pc

Acetylene gas pipe (Acetylene cylinders) *3pcs

Signal line (6mm diameter (5.0m); 10mm diameter (1.5m) * 2pcs

Graphite furnace system * 1pc ( For model ME-AA1800S & ME-AA1800H)

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