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Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer

Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer

Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer
Product name : Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer
Item : ME-SSR Series
Details :
Digital Small Sample Rotary Viscometer


This series digital rotary viscometer adopts coaxial cylinder structure, using small sample adapter,

the sample quantity required for each measurement is very small, only 7ml-13ml (rotor 0 is 21ml),

optional constant temperature water jacket with cycle, with constant temperature tank to control

the sample under test. The operation is very convenient and the measurement is accurate. very suitable

for precious, rare sample measurement.

1.  Timing measurement function
2. Coaxial cylinder structure
3. Using a spindle rotor, the sample size required for testing is very small
4. Two RS232 interfaces with direct connection to micro printer and computer, Temperature Probe Interface

Optional Accessories: Ultra Low Viscosity Adapter (ULR):

The Ultra Low Viscosity Adapter Rotor (ULR for short) is used with our Viscometer to provide accurate and repeatable measurements on low viscosity objects. Both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids are suitable. It consists of a precision cylindrical rotor and a precision tubular sleeve (sample cartridge). The rheology-adapted cylindrical design allows for precise viscosity measurement and shear rate measurement.

● Designed for low viscosity fluid measurement

●Available in interlayer and non-interlayer versions

● The minimum detection limit is 1cP, which depends on the type of viscometer used.

● Accurate measurement at specified shear rate for detailed analysis of products

● Stainless steel material is easy to clean, can with stand the operate tem. range of -40℃200℃

● Sample dosage 21 mL







Measuring range

1600000 (mPas)

6.4  2000000

0# rotor:6.4-1000

21# rotor:50-100000

27# rotor:250-500000

28# rotor:500-1000000

29# rotor:1000-2000000

12.8 – 4000000

0# roto:12.8-1000

21# roto:100-200000

27# roto:500-1000000

28# roto:1000-2000000

29# roto:2000-4000000

51.2 – 16000000

0# rotor:51.2-2000

21# rotor:400-800000

27# rotor:2000-4000000

28# rotor:4000-8000000

29# rotor:8000-16000000



Total 18

0.5/1/2/2.5/4/5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 Total 18


18#25#31#34#(choose one of them) and with without circulating water jacket  Sample holder ; ULR (0#)(optional accessory)

21#27#28#29#  (standard accessory) ,

and with without circulating water jacket;

ULR (0#) optional accessory

Sample size

ULR(0# rotor)1-1000;  21ml

18# rotor:3 –10K;  7ml ;

25# rotor:480 –1.6M;  9ml

31# rotor:30 –100K; 10.5ml ;

34# rotor: 60 –200K: 11ml

ULR(0# rotor):21ml

21# rotor: 7.8ml ;

27# rotor: 11.3ml

28# rotor: 12.6ml ;

 29# rotor: 11.5ml

Measurement error

±3%  (Newtonian liquid)

Repetitive error

±1.5%  (Newtonian liquid)

Outline dimension

350 * 350 * 450 (mm),8kg

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