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Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer

Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer

Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer
Product name : Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer
Item : Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer ME-L8 ME-L9
Details :
 ME-L8/ME-L9 Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer

The ME-L8/ME-L9 double beam uv vis spectrophotometer applies a new optical bench, with 5-speed adjustable bandwidth (L9 only), ARM chip control and data processing, 8 inch color touch - screen which displays menu and spectral curve and can analyze spectrum test data. It’s quite easy for user and computer interaction. The instrument can perform following operations, including photometry, automatic scanning spectral measurement, quantitative analysis, dynamic analysis, and multi-wavelength measurement.


The instrument serves as the basic equipment for quality control, technical evaluation and scientific research, and can be widely used in susceptibility testing, medicine and health, biochemistry, environmental monitoring, commodity inspection, petrochemical and other fields.


Main Features


  1. New optical platform, enabling the host machine with excellent optical properties, metering performance, low stray light and noise, high metering accuracy and stability.

  2. Unique system of deuterium and tungsten lamp installation, facilitating the light source to automatically switch to the best position, and allowing users to operate the instrument, replace the light source and maintain the instrument more conveniently , accurately and safely.

  3. Sophisticated hardware and software design , empowering the instrument with powerful spectral data processing and storage capabilities , and performing functions, including automatic scanning of measured spectrum, multi-wavelength ( 1~3λ) measurement, kinetic measurement, 1~3 curve fitting, 1~4 derivative spectra, spectra printing and storage and data analysis.

  4. 8-inch color touch screen, with a good user-machine interface, easy to operate.

  5. USB Communication port.


Standard Accessories

Main Machine 1 piece

Operation manual 1 piece

Quartz cuvette 1cm 2 pieces

Power cable 1 piece

Fuse 2piece


Optional Accessories

UV WIN8 Spectrum data processing software





Spectrum Bandwidth


0.5nm, 1nm, 2nm, 4nm, 5nm

Wavelength Range


Monochromator Type



1600 lines/mm


Silicon Photocell

Wavelength Accuracy

± 0.3nm

Wavelength Repeatability

≤ 0.1nm

Wavelength Scanning Speed

Fast, medium and slow

Light source Switching Wavelength


Stray Light

≤ 0.02% (measured by NaI at 220 nm) (measured at NaNO2 at 360 nm)

Photometric Range


0.0 ~ 200.0% T

-0.301 ~ 4.000A

0.000 to 9999C

Photometric Accuracy:


± 0.3% T

± 0.002Abs (0 - 0.5A)

± 0.004Abs (0.5 - 1A)

Photometric Repeatability:


≤ 0.15% T

0.001Abs (0 - 0.5A)

0.002Abs (0.5 - 1A)

Baseline Flatness

≤ ± 0.0008A(200-1090nm)


100%(T) noise ≤ 0.1% (T), 0% (T) noise  ≤ 0.02% (T)

Baseline Drift

± 0.0004 Abs / h (250nm and 500nm after preheat warm up for 2 hours )


AC220v± 22v, 50Hz± 1Hz, 200W

Light Source

Hamamatsu D2 lamp, Osram halogen tungsten lamp.

COM Port


Packing Size

740mm*630mm*450mm, 0.21m³, 35kg.

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