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Germ Turbidity Meter

Germ Turbidity Meter

Germ Turbidity Meter Germ Turbidity Meter Germ Turbidity Meter Germ Turbidity Meter
Product name : Germ Turbidity Meter
Item : ME-WGZ-2XJ Series
Details :
ME-WGZ-2XJ Series 
Germ Turbidity Meter 


ME-WGZ-2XJ series can be used for the determination of a strain of bacteria concentration in the suspension.

It adopts BaS04
McNamara turbidity standard solution calibration, using MCF (McFarland) McIntosh turbidity unit.

Turbidity value accordi
ng to McNamara unit directly. It is mainly suitable for all levels of medical and health units,
biological products, quarantine institutions and scientific research institutions of bacteria bacterium liquid
concentration determination. ­


1.    Microcomputer touch keyboard, LCD display, standard RS232 interface;

2.    Auto balance reading response or within the desired time interval data automatically, effectively
stabilize readings;

3.    Fastly set average measurement mode, in the shortest possible time get the correct data, unstable
water samples can be obtained;

4.    Built-in clock memory storage system and able to long-term storage and invoke the recent
correction and measurement data;

5.    A variety of measurement model & unit of measure can be selected, special high intensity light
source, run up to 100000 hours;

6.    Accurate optical path system, reliable positioning structure, effective compensation, the shade
of the direct reading EBC turbidity value.

Technical Specifications:




Minimum Readout




06 MCF McIntosh turbidity unit1MCF=3×108CFU/ml

Basic Error




Zero Draft



Note: the type with the "P" is equipped with a built-in printer












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