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Hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Mineral Analyzer

Hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Mineral Analyzer

Hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Mineral Analyzer Hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Mineral Analyzer Hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Mineral Analyzer Hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Mineral Analyzer
Product name : Hand-held X-ray Fluorescence Mineral Analyzer
Item : Genius 7000
Details :

Mineral analyzer Genius 7000XRF , which can be held in hands by common people when measuring.It is super small, super light,
super beautiful, super safe, super convenient,super long standby time, super waterproof, super precise and super fast.Digital
multi-channel technology make the instrument have better detection limit, better
stability, and wider application fields. 



Instrument not only can operate fast detection with hand held type within 1-2 seconds, but also can operate longtime precise
detection with desktop type, having the similar precision as the laboratory detection after 10 seconds.



Added the gas charging system, which can charge helium at ordinary pressure.Thus it can detect the elements from Mg, greatly
expanded the detecting range of elements, satisfying the requirements of customers according to light elements detection.



It can detect the analytes directly, no need of smaples. It can analyse various kinds of samples, including electronic products,
alloy samples, geological and mining, soil, rock, residues, small solid particles, liquid sediments etc.



Multi-testing modes installation and free adding of infinite modes,coordinating with automatic testing mode matching function,
it achieves the
easy test for one key. Built-in intensify calibration methods, it can calibrate the deviation caused by different
geometry shapes and inhomogeneous structure density.



On the basis of the combination of collimator and filter, increase them from 4 groups to 12 groups, increasing 3 times. 



Triple safety protection function, automatic sensation, automatically shut-down of X light pipe within 2 seconds with no sample
in testing; The radiation level is far lower than the international safety standard when working, with no radiation leakage;
accompanied with test safety cover.



Lithium battery, with maximum capacity of 7800mAH, can continuously work for 8 hours, whose endurance are 2 times
ongercompared to last three generations.And equip with wide voltage ac charger or vehicular charger,which ensure the test at
any place or any time.



The instrument has waterproof and dustproof function and can continuously work under high temperature and humidity. Its
protection boxes are manufactured with high strength military material ,which enjoy with well moistureproof, shockproof, and
pressure resistant functions.




1.Model: Genius 7000XRF
2.Analysis method:Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis method.

3.Measuring range of elements: Mg to U.
4.Simultaneously detect elements:Simultaneously detect tens of elements.
5.Processor and RAM:CPU: 667MHz, RAM:256M , Maximum expanded storage: 32G, Standard configuration: 2G , can store
large amounts of data.

6.Content range: ppm~99.99%.
7.Testing time :3-30 seconds.
8.GPS、WIFI:Built-in system.
9.Battery time: Lithium battery,which can be charged, with maximum capacity of 7800mAH, can continuously work for 8 hours;
Equipped with wide voltage(110V-220V) general adapter, can work under alternating current.
10.Testing object:Solid, liquid , powder.
11.Detector:25mm2 0.3mil,SDD detector.
12.Detector resolution: Lowest resolution can be 139eV .
13.Excitation source:40KV/100uA-Ag anode window miniature X light tube and high voltage source.
14.Collimator and filter:Collimator of 4.0 or 2.0 diameter, automatic switch of 6 types filter groups. 12 kinds of groups, world’s
mostcompound mode,
 can satisfy various kinds of samples testing.
15.Video system:HD camera.
16.Screen :TFT-LCD touch screen, resolution 640*480.
17.Detection limit:Lowest detection limit accounts to ppm level.
18.Testing window:12mm.
20.Safety :Self-contained password manager mode.
19.Gas charging system: Helium charging at ordinary pressure system.
20.Data transmission: Digital multi-channel technology, SPI data transmission, quick analysis, high counting rate, waterproof
miniature USB,which
 can be connected to desktop computer.
21.Humidity :≤90%.
22.Temperature: -20℃~+50℃.
23.Size :234×306×82mm(L×H×W).Weight:1.9Kg(with battery),1.6Kg(without battery).

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