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Comprehensive guide to viscometers

Viscometer is an instrument for measuring liquid viscosity, which is widely used in chemical industry, food, medicine and other fields. The following is a comprehensive guide to viscometer to help ...

Liquid density meter is a precise tool to accurately measure the characteristics of substances.

In the fields of scientific research, industrial production and quality control, it is very important to accurately measure the density of substances. In order to meet this demand, liquid density m...

What are the functions of digital rotary viscometer?

The principle of digital rotary viscometer is based on Newton fluid model. It is mainly composed of rotor, motor and display. During the measurement, the liquid to be measured is put into the sampl...

Rotational viscometer is a tool to measure the fluidity of materials.

Rotating viscometer is an instrument widely used in scientific research and industrial production to measure the viscosity of liquid or semi-solid substances.

Rotating viscometer is a key tool for measuring viscosity.

Rotary viscometer is an instrument widely used in chemistry, medicine, food and other fields to measure the viscosity of substances. Its principle is based on the flow behavior of substances under ...

Understand the calibration process of digital rotary viscometer

Digital rotary viscometer is an instrument commonly used to measure liquid viscosity, which has many functions and characteristics. It can accurately measure the viscosity of liquid and provide num...

Interface tensiometer is a tool in measurement science and engineering.

Interfacial tensiometer is an instrument used to measure the tension at the interface of liquid or gas. It determines the interaction force between liquid or gas molecules by measuring the surface ten

How to choose the appropriate interface tensiometer

Interfacial tensiometer is an important tool to measure the interfacial tension of liquid, which is widely used in many industries such as chemistry, pharmacy, petroleum, food and so on. However, t...

Value and function of rotary viscometer in practical application

In physical and chemical experiments, rotational viscometer is a commonly used instrument for measuring fluid viscosity. As an important physical property of fluid, viscosity is of great significan...

Application and practice of interfacial tensiometer

In today's scientific research and industrial production, interfacial tension is an important physical parameter, and its measuring tool-interfacial tensiometer plays a vital role in it. This paper...

Electronic precision balance is a high-precision measuring tool.

Electronic precision balance is a high-precision measuring tool.

Application of digital viscometer in modern scientific and technological fluid measurement

Digital viscometer is a fluid measuring instrument based on modern science and technology, which plays an important role in many fields. This paper will introduce the principle, application and its...

Understand some knowledge of surface tension

Some basic knowledge of surface tensionWhat is surface tension?We can explain the properties of liquid according to the mutual attraction between molecules. This intermolecular attraction is called...

Definition of viscosity

Viscosity:Viscosity is the internal friction of liquid. When the lubricating oil moves relatively under the action of external force, the resistance generated by oil molecules prevents the lubricat...

Rapid determination of moisture content of cut tobacco by halogen moisture meter

The moisture content of cut tobacco was quickly measured by halogen moisture meter, and the results were compared with that of oven method. The effects of sample quality, heating temperature and he...

Measurement principle and error analysis of surface tensiometer

Surface tension is a physical property of liquid surface, which reflects the strength of interaction between liquid molecules. Measuring surface tension is of great significance for understanding t...