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MesuLab touch screen full automatic lab equipment tensionmeter digital liquid oil interfacial surfac

Brand MesuLab
Product Category Analytical Instrument
Texture of Wood Hardware+plastic
Product Usage Instrument for measuring liquid gel system and surface tension
Model BZY100/BZY200
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Product Details

BZY100&BZY200 Surface tensiometer

MesuLab as a leader in the field of interface chemistry in China, has developed various scientific measuring instruments with high precision and intuitive operation concepts. We combine long-term industry experience with high-quality manufacturing technology to achieve high precision and repeatable operation of measuring equipment.

Among them, the surface tensiometers BZY100 and BZY200 are widely used in quality control processes related to surface interfacial tension, such as testing emulsifiers or wetting agents and cleaning agents. It is reliable, easy to use, independent of computers and other equipment, and can provide accurate and reliable analysis when testing a large number of samples.

The high-performance weighing sensor based on the principle of electromagnetic force balance has accurate measurement value and good repeatability.

Platinum plate method and platinum ring method are both used.

Fully automatic measurement, one-click value selection.

Range correction and accuracy correction function to ensure the long-term accurate measurement of the instrument.

Save the data and print it directly

Main features of automatic surface tensiometer/interface tensiometer BZY100/BZY200:

BZY100, BZY200 are the upgrading products of BZY-101, BZY-102, BZY-201, BZY-202, etc., and their performance has been greatly improved.

* The 4.3-inch touch screen is adopted, and all operations and information are completed or displayed on the screen;

* Sensor based on the principle of electromagnetic force balance, with high sensitivity, high precision and high repetition; * platinum plate method and platinum ring method;

* Automatic measurement, no calculation, direct display of surface tension or interface tension;

* One-key reset and one-key correction; Digital processing technology, without deviation;

* Users can calibrate data with standard samples (distilled water and pure ethanol) to ensure the accuracy of measurement;

* Real-time display of measurement curves, saving of measurement results, printing of main parameters, data and curves; * Double-door transparent plexiglass windproof cover, easy to operate, reducing the requirements of the use environment; * Password management function, to ensure data traceability, to prevent data modification and deletion by mistake;

* English operating system.

The whole series adopts high-precision electromagnetic sensors. BZY样本-1.png

It is specially developed for testing the surface interface tension. Compared with the traditional strain sensor, it has many advantages, such as high measurement accuracy, good repeatability and little influence by temperature. It is the mainstream testing scheme at present.

We attach great importance to the repeatability and standardization of the measurement results, the BZY100 & BZY200 are designed to comply with all GB/T, EU, ISO, DIN and ASTM standards for surface and interfacial tension.

Satisfies partially valid norms and standards

ASTM D971--- Standard Test Method for Determining Interfacial Tension of Oil and Water by Ring Method

ASTM D1331--- Standard Test Method for Surface and Interfacial Tension of Surfactant Solutions

ASTM D1417--- Standard Method for Testing Synthetic Rubber Latex

DIN EN 14210--- Surfactants-Determination of interfacial tension of surfactant solution by stirrup or hanging ring method.

DIN EN 14370--- Surface active agents-Determination of surface tension

ISO 304--- Surfactants-Determination of Surface Tension by Pulling Membrane Method

ISO 1409--- Plastics/Rubber-Polymer Dispersions and Rubber Latexes (Natural and Synthetic)-Determination of Surface Tension by Ring Method

ISO 4311--- Anionic and nonionic surfactants-Determination of critical micelle concentration-Method for measuring surface tension by hanging plate, stirrup ring or lifting ring.

OECD 115--- OECD Guide for Testing Chemicals: Surface Tension of Aqueous Solution

ISO 6889--- Surfactant-Determination of Surface Tension by Pulling Membrane Method

GB/GB/T 22237-2008--- Determination of Surface Tension of Surfactants

JB/T 9388-2002--- Technical specification of interface tensiometer

JB/JB/T 18396-2001--- Determination of surface tension by natural latex ring method

SH/T 1156-95-Determination of surface tension of synthetic latex

GB/T 6541-86--- Determination of interfacial tension between oil and water of petroleum products (ring method)

ISO 1409-1995--- Determination of surface tension of plastics, rubber, polymer dispersions and latex

ISO 6295-1983--- Petroleum products-Determination of interfacial tension between mineral oil and water (ring method)

GB/T 5549 (ISO 304-1985)---Determination of Surface Tension by Pull-up Membrane Method

GB 15308-2006--- Foam extinguishing agent

GBT 11276-2007--- Determination of Critical Micellar Concentration of Surfactant

Gb-t22237-2008--- Determination of surface tension of surfactants.

Main technical parameters of automatic surface tensiometer/interface tensiometer:




Test method

Plate/Ring dual purpose

Test range






Mode of operation

Automatic lifting/full automatic measurement of sample table

Display mode

4.3 inch touch screen, direct display of test results.

Measuring time


Data output


Outline dimension


Net weight


Power Supply


Platinum ring size: the wire radius is 0.185mm, the ring radius is 9.55mm, and the ring circumference is 60 mm.

* Note: As a standard, there is only one platinum plate or one platinum ring, which needs to be specified when ordering. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to configure both platinum plate and platinum ring.

* * Note: The printer is not included as standard, and can be purchased separately as required.