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MesuLab touch screen high accuracy full automatic lab digital liquid oil mechanical surface interfac

Brand MesuLab
Product Category Analytical Instrument
Texture of Wood Hardware+plastic
Product Usage Instrument for measuring liquid gel system and surface tension
Model Q2000/Q1000/Q500
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Introduction to Liquid Surface/Interfacial Tension Measurement

Physical science defines surface tension as shrinking and minimizing the surface area of a liquid. If the surface is enlarged by the formation of a liquid sheet, it means that the surface/interfacial tension is exerted by a measurable tensile force when the test body (Platinum plate or platinum ring) is in contact with the liquid. Inside the machine, this force is measured by a high-precision load cell system, so the surface/interfacial tension of the liquid can be calculated.

Surfactant CMC Measurement

Surface-active compounds such as surfactants consist of a hydrophilic part and a hydrophobic part, so they preferably adsorb at the interface. They reduce the surface or interfacial tension, respectively, which is crucial for good washing performance or foam stability.There is a limit to the number of surfactant molecules that can be accommodated on a given surface area. The only possibility for "excess" surfactant molecules to protect their hydrophobic moieties from water is to form micelles. The specific surfactant concentration reached to initiate micelle formation is called the "critical micelle concentration" (CMC). This can be easily determined by varying the measurement of surfactant concentration: below the CMC, the surface tension decreases with increasing concentration as more and more surfactant molecules are adsorbed on the surface. Above the CMC basis, further added surfactants are only used to form micelles and the surface tension remains constant.

Using a tensiometer, it is also possible to measure the interfacial tension between two liquids when the test bodies are not melted. Because tensimetry is based on force measurements, in contrast to optical analysis of pendant droplets, there is no requirement that one of the liquids be transparent or that the refractive index differs between the two liquids. Therefore, tensimetry is a convenient alternative to optical measurements of surface and interfacial tension in many cases.

Wetting phenomenon

Using tensimetry, the wettability and dynamic contact angle of solid samples used as test bodies can also be investigated. Therefore, the sample is immersed in a liquid with known surface tension and pulled out again. In this case, the weighing system detects the buoyancy and sheet weight in real time. During evaluation, buoyancy effects can be removed from the data so that the advancing angle of immersion and the receding angle of withdrawal can be determined according to the Platinum plate equation.

The Platinum plate method is a well-established method for determining surface and interfacial tension using tensiometers. This method uses a Platinum plate as a test body. It is usually made of platinum iridium and is only a few centimeters in length and height. The plate is connected to the weighing system of the tensiometer and is positioned on the surface of the liquid in such a way as to form a sheet of the liquid. The force on the sheet is measured, which is equal to the vertical part of the tension caused by the surface tension. Together with defining surface tension as the tension on each side of the contact line length, this yields the Platinum equation.

All Design Features Are Developed For Your Exact Needs

1:High-quality core components ensure accurate measurement. Each machine is equipped with a high-precision mechanical electromagnetic force sensor, and the highest precision of surface tension can reach 0.001 mN/m.

2:Using a 7-inch touch screen, all information is clearly displayed on the screen and operations are completed. The machine can be used without a computer during operation, English operating system.

3:Tensiometer meets Platinum plate or platinum ring method measurement, direct reading of data does not require calculation, the design size and technology of plate/ring meet international standards.

4:According to the principle of buoyancy, the tensiometer immerses the object of standard volume in the test sample and calculates the liquid density value.

5:Illumination in the spacious measuring area, which illuminates the sample surface as well as the measuring body, makes positioning the sample extremely easy.

6:Rich optional accessories

A variety of accessories are available to meet many needs beyond routine testing.

★Q series tensiometer provides a variety of measurement methods, both traditional and modern. Platinum plate method and platinum ring method can be used, and density accessories can also be selected to accurately measure the density of the tested sample.

★ The platinum ring method can be set to stretch once or for many times, but you can do it yourself. Set. No calculation, fully automatic measurement.

★ Built-in electronic level with operating instructions. Accurately adjustable sample The level of the product platform ensures the accurate measurement of the tensiometer.

★ The spacious sample room is equipped with a transparent glass sliding door, which is very square in operation. Conveniently, it can also prevent the influence of indoor airflow on stable measurement.

★ The built-in measuring program can control the lifting of the sample table to ensure the measurement. There is no human interference in the measurement process, and the running speed can be determined according to the experiment. Ask for adjustment, which can be repeated accurately. Use dynamic and smooth The driving device is operated to eliminate the vibration that will have negative effects. Move.

★ Electromagnetic force sensor and supporting control system with temperature compensation. Compensation function, can reduce long-term drift to a minimum.

★ Through the 7-inch touch screen, simple and intuitive operation can be realized. Use. Intuitive operation on the touch screen is a new generation of tension. A major feature of the instrument is that no matter before or during the measurement, Can easily control the sample table and other components.

★ Built-in measurement data management menu, which is convenient for viewing data and branches. Operate with an external printer. All measurement data files can be It can be converted into Excel files through USB flash drive transmission, which is convenient for management. Manage, record and sort out the measurement data.

Application field

★ Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of surfactants by measuring the critical micelle concentration.

★ Wetting characteristics of tablets, pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients

★ Wettability of paints and coatings

★ Detection of oil aging degree

★ Wettability and adhesion of coating

★ Cosmetic development

★ Study on Wettability of Ink

★ST Flash software provides a toolkit for analyzing CMC concentration.

★ The software supports Chinese and English operation and display.

Measurement and data management software ST Flash

The simple operation of the Q-Series Tensiometers is tightly coupled with the software's clear user guidance. Our ST Flash software supports simple results management with automatic summary charts, comprehensive measurement reports and transparent data organization, as well as CMC analysis and calculations.

★ Evaluate the surfactant by measuring the critical micelle concentration. Effectiveness and efficiency

★ Wetting characteristics of tablets, pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients

★ Wettability of paints and coatings

★ Detection of oil aging degree

★ Wettability and adhesion of coating

★ Cosmetic development

★ Study on Wettability of Ink

★ Support data collection, and mark the data for easy checking. Look at the contrast.

★ The collected data is saved as a TXT document, which is convenient for viewing and transferring. Change and print the graphic document generated in PDF form.

★ Support simultaneous comparison of up to 8 groups of data.

★ST Flash software provides a toolkit for analyzing CMC concentration.

★ The software supports Chinese and English operation and display.

We attach great importance to the repeatability and standardization of measurement results, and the Q series tensiometers are designed to comply with all GB/T, EU, ISO, DIN and ASTM standards for surface and interfacial tension.

Satisfies partially valid norms and standards

ASTM D971--- Standard Test Method for Determining Interfacial Tension of Oil and Water by Ring Method

ASTM D1331--- Standard Test Method for Surface and Interfacial Tension of Surfactant Solutions

ASTM D1417--- Standard Method for Testing Synthetic Rubber Latex

DIN EN 14210--- Surfactants-Determination of interfacial tension of surfactant solution by stirrup or hanging ring method.

DIN EN 14370--- Surface active agents-Determination of surface tension

ISO 304--- Surfactants-Determination of Surface Tension by Pulling Membrane Method

ISO 1409--- Plastics/Rubber-Polymer Dispersions and Rubber Latexes (Natural and Synthetic)-Determination of Surface Tension by Ring Method

OECD 115--- OECD Guide for Testing Chemicals: Surface Tension of Aqueous Solution

ISO 6889--- Surfactant-Determination of Surface Tension by Pulling Membrane Method

Product Specifications:





Test method

Plate method & Ring method

Surface Tension Test Range




Surface Tension Accuracy




Density range



Density Accuracy



Operation method

Automatic lifting and lowering of sample stage Automatic measurement

Lifting speed

0-300mm/min   Arbitrarily Adjustable

Temperature measurement

-40℃-250℃(Optional PT100 temperature sensor)

Display method

7-inch touch screen, data read directly

Data method

Support data storage/view/print

Measure time

Normally within 60 seconds

Data output

RS232 (printer) or U disk

Data software

Includes ST Flash software


47*24.5*47.5cm L*W*H

Level way

Electronic level adjustment

Net Weight



110V or220V、50W

Ring size: wire radius is 0.185mm, ring radius is 9.55mm, ring circumference is 60mm,

N/A: means that this function is not included.

*Note: The board/ring test method needs to be specified when ordering. Choose one of the two standard configurations. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to configure both the board and the ring.

**Note: The standard configuration of the printer is not included, it can be purchased separately according to the needs, and the standard volume parts must be purchased separately for measuring the liquid density.