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Brand MesuLab
Product Category Analytical Instrument
Texture of Wood Hardware+plastic
Product Usage Bacterial turbidimeter
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Product Details

Portable bacterial turbidimeter WGZ-2XJB

Desktop bacterial turbidimeters WGZ-2XJ and WGZ-2XJP

Overview of use

It can be used to determine the concentration of bacteria in the suspension of strains to be identified. This instrument is calibrated with (BaSO4) Maxwell's turbidity standard solution and MCF(McFarland) Maxwell's turbidity unit. Direct display of Maxwell unit turbidity value. It is mainly suitable for measuring the concentration of bacterial liquid in medical and health units, biological products, quarantine institutions and scientific research institutions at all levels.

Product features:

1:Microcomputer, touch keyboard, LCD backlight LCD screen, standard serial RS232 data communication interface.

2:The reading response is automatically balanced or data is automatically collected in the expected time interval, which can effectively stabilize the reading.

3:Quickly set the average measurement mode, get the correct data in the shortest time, and measure the unstable water samples.

4:Built-in clock memory storage system can store and call the latest correction value and measurement data for a long time.

5:A variety of measurement modes and measurement units can be selected, and the high-intensity light source is specially made, which runs for up to 100,000 hours.

6:Accurate optical path system, reliable positioning structure, effective chromaticity compensation, direct reading (MCF) bacterial turbidity value.

Technical indicators:





Minimum indication

0.001   MCF

measuring range

06 MCFMacmillan turbidity unit)   1MCF=3×108CFU/ml

Indication error




zero drift


Internal printer



Power supply

DC 1.5V×5 AA alkaline dry cells Ac 220V/50Hz/DC7.5V/ 0.2A power adapter.

AC 220V/50Hz/15W

Product features

Portable, bacterial turbidity analysis, equipped with RS232 data communication interface, can be equipped with a micro printer.

Table-top, bacterial turbidity analysis, direct reading (MCF) Macmillan turbidity unit.