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Brand MesuLab
Product Category Analytical Instrument
Texture of Wood Hardware+plastic
Product Usage High Shear Homogenizer
Model D-500
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High Shear Homogenizer D-500

The high shear homogenizer D500 is applicable to various tasks from sample preparation to formulation study. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, and the sample is homogenized or dispersed by the gap between the rotor and stator, usually in a short period of time.


*High quality 316L stainless steel with corrosion and autoclave resistance

*Rotor with simple design can be dismounted, cleaned, and sterilized conveniently

*6 speed levels

*Applicable for sample with viscosity up to 10000mPa·s

*Replaceable rotors and stators sharing the same shaft, cost-effective

*Automatic overload protection mechanism maximizes the working life of motor.

*Smooth motor start, stable acceleration without spillage risk


Widely applied for histocyte lysis, cell homogenization, emulsion, nanometer scale dispersion process in biology, pharmaceutical, genetic and pathology study, diary product or fruit homogenization, polymerization reaction,production of fragrance, cosmetics, textile auxiliary, food, ink, paints, asphalt, fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and analysis in mineral exploration, environmental protection and energy resource exploration.

*Routine homogenization, emulsion, depolymerization, dispersion application

*Disperse substance to form suspension and emulsion

*Disperse pigment and resin

*Disperse animal or human tissue into various solution

*Facilitate the dissolve of solid substances

*Sample preparation for quality control test

*Animal or plant cell lysis

*Emulsion, cream cosmetics, and food formulation study

*Extraction of active pharmaceutical ingredient from pills and tablets



Speed range


Max linear velocity


Speed Level

6 stage

Working volume


Max. viscosity


Material of dispersing shaft

SS 316L stainless steel, PTFE



Protection class


Voltage, frequency

110-120V/60Hz, 220-240V/50-60Hz



Motor type

AC carbon brush motor

Dimension [WxDxH]




Dispersion Head Selection Guide

Material: All dispersion head components are D500-详情750.jpg

made of high quality 316L stainless steel to

ensure the mechanical performance while

rotating at high speed of 30000rpm.

Bearing: Made of excellent material, the

bearing is sturdy, durable and corrosion

resistance. Its mechanical performance and

chemical characteristics are stable.

Easy to clean: The dispersion head is

designed to be easily dismantled and thus

cleaned. The components can be cleaned

manually or automatically, and can be

autoclaved. Even the precision components

can be removed to clean.

D500-详情750 2.jpg

D500-详情750 3.jpg